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Rate Your Favorite Restaurant

In the restaurant business, I think it’s all about the food tasting good and the waiter or waitress giving you quick and accurate service.

*Red Lobster On Busch-   The Ultimate Feast was good/ Chili Shrimp- good/ Buffalo wings- warm/   Service – excellent / Ask for Jimmy.  4 Stars

* Apple Bees On Fowler– I got to give Apple Bees credit, they have stepped up their menu and service. Excellent menu with a variety of food and the last 3 times we went into Apple Bees, the service was Quick. They get you in and out.  Food-  excellent.   5 Stars

* IHOP on Fowler or  Busch – Everybody loves IHOP on Saturdays or Sundays, if you can be seated. If you come with 5 or 6 people in your party, ask the waitress to bring your food when it is ready, instead of waiting for the whole order . If not, your breakfast will be warm.   Food is good.-/ Service – average.   3 Stars

* Longhorn on Fowler–  Great Menu / Food –  good and hot. / Service – excellent and quick/ 5 Stars 

* Carmines on 7th Ave-  Food and drinks are on the one. / Service- excellent / Ask for Darlene. 5 Stars